#Books4peace is a non-profit charitable campaign with the goal of collecting one thousand books and sending them to the Ifiye library in Somalia. Ifiye is the only functioning library in the entire capital, and in a country where “142 learning centres have shut down and 61 others were on the brink of closure in the 2016-17 academic year. In 2017, an estimated 3 million children and young adults aged 6 years through 18 years were out-of-school as against the previous estimate of 1.7 million the year before" you can see why we must act so urgently.

Once delivered, these books will be priceless to local schools and the wider community. These we believe should be available as a basic human to everyone. Now this is where you come in to donate books or make online donations.

Our drop-off points are at:

Anti-Tribalism Movement House
Market Approach off Lime Grove
Shepherd’s Bush
London W12 8DD

Himilo Cleaning LTD
Unit 12FF
36A Windmill Lane
B66 3EU

We’re not looking for coffee table reads, we will be accepting research books, academics texts (2012 editions to most recent), encyclopaedias, dictionaries, classic and acclaimed novels old and new, hardbacks and paperbacks.

In the face of such overwhelming odds, we really want to give this library the best chance for success and the greatest variety of texts for the community to read. The Ifiye library we envision with your help can become the citadel of learning, access to information, empowerment, hope for the community and peace.

Follow us on instagram, twitter and make sure to subscribe to the channel to see our upcoming film projects to accompany the campaign. Let’s begin the countdown to a thousand books4peace!

Main Clients

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