We draw on a network of partners from business and civil society to tackle global challenges and ensure that companies in all sectors meet and exceed global human rights standards and respond the alarming rate at which torture has been a tool for war. We also work on care and rehabilitation for victims of torture with the fact that we all deserve a second chance and dignity to live freely without fear and torture. Advocacy against torture and human right is fundamental to our core values and principles. Our work includes, advocacy, research for torture documentation and research, surveying and benchmarking human rights practices and policies across an industry to aid our member companies’ efforts to craft comprehensive, responsible approaches to human rights and assist victims of torture globally.


Promote institutional reforms in formal and informal sector for Access to justice, rehabilitation, and social development of prisoners, ex-prisoners, torture victim of rape especially women that are repeatable raped seeing it as a war weapon, refugees, and trauma victims due to war, and domestic violence as well as political torture.

Our Mission is to heal the wounds of Torture, GBV and war trauma on individuals of all age groups, their families and communities and, to stop torture across Africa especially in Sudan both in South Sudan where it is an alarming rate, Chad, Nigeria (northern), Ghana prisoners torture, Iraqi, Syria’s and even across Asia and South America.

In the United Kingdom, today Brexit is having a tool on the economic program as such health program has been a concern and its budgets has reduced further more. This has caused a huge impact on the victims of torture and rehabilitation program in the country like those migrants from war torn countries like Syria’s, Afghanistan’s, middle east, Congo, and Sudanese Somalia’s and to mentioned but a few that have settled in UK. Physicians and nurses are vital part of the rehabilitation of victims of torture of any kind. From the WHO Global Health Observer Data Repository, in United Kingdom, there are currently 11.6 physicians and nurses for a population of 1,000 people, and the political structure of the country will have a negative impact to this figure.

Psychiatrists play a key role in the rehabilitation of victims of torture. In United Kingdom, there are currently 14.63 psychiatrists for a population of 100,000 people, per WHO Global Observer Data Repository.

Types of core services we will provide to clients are not short of the following:

Medical support
Income-generating activities
Family support and counselling
Financial assistance
Psychosocial support
Psychotherapeutic treatment/psychological
Social support/reintegration (Inc. community visits)
Legal services
Conflict prevention and transformation