Ghana Turing Scheme

Turing Scheme, UK’s version of Erasmus+ Program, approves ‘’Digital Academy Program’’ for Global Vision Initiative.

20 young people travels to Ghana from 2nd – 16th April 2022 on ’Digital Academy Program’’ for 14days, travel days inclusive to learn ICT - coding process, apps development and cyberbullying management skills digital/ICT tools, methodology, engages in practical job shadowing, on the job training and volunteering work using competencies acquired to support migrants in schools, migrant centres already contacted for skills acquisition- 

• Is to equip participants with digital/ICT skills required to face the challenges presented by the recent sudden shift to online and distance learning, including supporting them to develop digital competencies and cyber safeguarding as they make use of online platforms
• upskill participants with high-quality digital content such as innovative online resources and tools.

Please contact:
Ayodeji Olofintila, 
Program Director - Global Vision Initiative. 
Consultant -ECORYS UK  
Phone: 0788198431
#globalvisioners #digitizationofyouthwork