1st International Conference

Across Atlantic Development (AAD) (UK) is an international organization that Works with its network of member companies and other partners within and outside Europe to build a just and sustainable world. With its span across Europe, Africa, and North America.
Across Atlantic is accredited with ERASMUS program focusing both education and research program AAD develops sustainable business strategies and solutions to global issues through dedicated research, advocacy/campaigns, consultation and collaboration with respect to Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about AAD's sustainability development programs, empowerment programs, business and corporate social responsibilities and lots more.


In the pursuit of our objectives of contributing to nation building, Across Atlantic strategy is to facilitate the establishment of structured, long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships through research, education and promotion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic). Fostering collaborators across the continents for "business without borders”, striving to build on our shared interests for a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for us all. Across Atlantic approach will support partnerships, with an increased focus these key areas:
Grass root advocacy and promotion of quality STEM education in Nigeria.

Promote innovative & Sustainable applied Science Research in:
Waste management technology, BIOGAS PRODUCTION, Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering and Stem cell research Provision of Scholarships, volunteering, student exchange placement through ERASMUS PROGRAM in Nigeria/Africa


Being part of the 1st international conference in Nigerian which will create the foundation towards research, stem cell research, STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics) through promoting scholarship, volunteering, placement, international & national exchange program through ERASMUS/EU educational program. It will also provide more opportunities towards environmental protection, BIOGAS/BIOMASS production technology, which will be highly discussed during the conference.