Our Story

The evolution of the world business development today prior to the idea of stakeholders lead to a new vision of business emerging giving way to the way we think about business and its sustainability. This was an ideology and foresight for business development towards realising a positive, community and social change which would be seen as a catalyst towards preserving and restore human/natural resources, while ensuring human values, peacefulness, ecosystem protection, empowerment, equality, fairness, while holding transparency and accountability as the tool towards development.

The core and fundamental believe is to work with companies and Non-governmental organisations for social, development, community, environmental protection, equality, while ensuring cooperate social responsibilities for these companies while giving back to the communities.

To redefine and see that these strategies are implemented, the AAD Founder/CEO David Apollus, has the call and idea to shape and implement these strategies. He has wide experience globally and have worked with different international organisations both on project management, and board member with the United Nation Sweden where he draw experiences on the MDGs of the United Nation, and also on alcohol and drug policy focusing sub-Sahara Africa, which he also has international experience as a hindrance towards social development, and also other projects on the aftermath of war remnant like, human refugees, (IDPs) landmines, where he has lead a team to supervise and monitor a United Nation Sweden funded landmine demining projects in Cambodia and other related sustainable projects there. He has (MBA) at Georgia State University. J. Mack Robinson College of Business Atlanta(USA) and MBA at Master d’Administration des Enterprises, Institute d’Administration des Enterprises de Paris, Sorbonne France.

He spearheads the adoption of the code of conduct for MDGs goals, supply chain, humanitarian approach, migration issues, democracy in countries where is not fully implemented, alcohol/drug policies advocacy/lobby and labour practices, as well as the spirit to adopted some strategies towards working with enterprises and profit sectors to create a favourable and sustainable world while giving back to the communities and social cooperate responsibilities (CSR). With this in mind AAD has the mind to deliver on these fundamentals with its dedicated team spread across the continent.

Looking at the trend whereby the new millennium today, sustainability and acquisitions began to go mainstream. This has called for the arrival of the UN Global Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative, coupled with the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference and the governance failures illustrated by Enron case, middle east crisis, economic crisis, war, and others, which further catalyzed attention by most global businesses to see how best we can hold each other accountable, transparent and press the government to be more favourable towards policies for enterprises and business to accommodate small and young business ideas and proper integration while empowering women and men in each sector. Our focus is not less than environmental issues, particularly energy, agriculture and climate, ecosystems services, and water, as well as peace social development. We need all to be part of the global and world growth.