Who We Are

Across Atlantic Development (AAD) is a global organisation that works with its network of member companies and other partners to build a just and sustainable world. With its span across Europe, Africa and North America, AAD develops sustainable business strategies and solutions to global issues through dedicated research, advocacy/campaigns, consultation and collaboration with respect to Sustainable Development Goals. Learn more about AAD's sustainability development programmes, empowerment programmes, human right advocacy, poverty eradication, business and corporate social responsibilities and lots more.

Our Story

Our team

David Apollus
Founder / CEO
Bako Faysal
Director - Strategies and Operations
Damian Terna
Director - Research & Development / Project Management
Jeneffer Rolland
Head Legal / Human Resources
Allen Annom
IT Manager
Samuel Bamisaye Ph.D
Across Atlantic Club Director
Ademola Ishola Ph.D
Across Atlantic Club Director
Jacob Areo
Project and Administrative Manager
Intidhar Nakouri
Regional Manager (Middle East & North Africa)
Ijeoma Uchendu
International Program Manager
Fatima Adam
EVS Manager
Havilah Ewaoluwa Bamisaye
Across Atlantic Ambassador 2021/2022

Our Clients

Our Network

Carlos Heiter Campani
Representative of Across Atlantic for South America - Brazil
Abraham Nortey
Representative of Across Atlantic for Ghana
Prak Sokhon
Representative of Across Atlantic for Cambodia - Asia Region
Oloidi Temitope
Representative of Across Atlantic for Sub-Sahara Africa Nigeria