'We can make Brexit NOT happen!' Scotland threatens to FIGHT Brexit bill at Supreme Court

15 January 2018


Brexit & Scotland

THE Scottish Conservatives have allied themselves with the SNP on Brexit, and threatened to fight the British Government all the way to the Supreme Court in order to win its demands on devolved powers.

A Scottish Conservatives spokesman has revealed that Holyrood will threaten to take the UK Government to court over Brexit. The Scottish Parliament have threatened to derail the Government's EU Withdrawal Bill if MSPs do not win a consent motion on the bill. The EU Withdrawal Bill is crucial to enshrine all EU laws into domestic legislation to facilitate the country's post-Brexit legal transition.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed to Andrew Marr that the SNP will oppose the bill in its current form, calling out Clause 11 of the legislation as a power grab. The Scottish Conservatives have since come out in support of Mrs Sturgeon's position.

Scottish Tory Constitution spokesman Adam Tomkins said the Government needed to amend the contentious clause before the bill could proceed. The MSP threatened his Westminster colleagues that "Brexit would not happen" unless amendments were made. Mr Tomkins explained: "This is a fundamental principal on which Scottish devolution rests. Everything is devolved unless it is expressly reserved. It is relatively easily done. "This does not have to be difficult but the stakes are really quite high. This legislation is needed in order to deliver a legally secure Brexit."

Mr Tomkins insisted Holyrood’s consent for the EU Withdrawal Bill was a "political requirement," as he predicted that ignoring Scotland would trigger a "significant political argument".

He explained that the Scottish and the UK Governments could end up at the Supreme Court over the post-Brexit powers row. The senior Tory suggested the UK's highest court would ensure Westminster MPs does not violate the devolution agreement. The court would settle rows about who has authority over the powers returning from Brussels. A UK Government spokeswoman said: "We want all parts of the UK to come together in support of this legislation, which is crucial to delivering the outcome of the referendum."