International Youth Meeting

Courses in Moscow

We invite you to join the course on Project Management for Youth Organizations which will be held in Moscow from 9th till 15th September 2018!

During the course participants will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of project management. They will learn how to write a project charter, how to determine project objectives, and how to assess risks. They will be introduced to the theory of budgeting. In addition to fundamentals of project management participants will have sessions on how to prepare a high-quality business plan, business model canvases will be introduced.

We invite youth workers for a unique event – Networking in Moscow during FIFA 2018! You will have the great opportunity to network with other youth workers as well as enjoy the atmosphere of FIFA 2018!
This is a youth event that you will never forget – Networking during FIFA 2018! We invite you to join the partnership-building activity which take place during finals of Football World Cup in Moscow! This is a unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of this great event and meet youth workers from different countries to discuss the possibilities of collaboration!
During the event you will meet youth workers from different countries and have the opportunity to introduce yourself and learn more about youth work in other countries. Special attention will be given to youth work in Moscow. You will learn about youth work in Russia and meet youth workers from Moscow.

Moscow is one of the most diverse and controversial cities in the world! Do you want to make your own opinion about this unique city and not just judge by what you hear in media?! Then we invite you to an absolutely special event which will open your eyes and let you see true Moscow and have a great time there!

The Netherlands Education Group organizes various study trips to Moscow and Amsterdam. Usually our trips allow you to learn something within a particular topic and do a bit of sightseeing in the city! However, the trip “Discover Moscow: development of soft skills, visits to the organizations, tourism!” is quite different! This trip is meant for people with diverse backgrounds who want to see Moscow, enjoy its beauty, try to understand the Russian soul and also learn something which could be useful for their future professional career.

Courses in Amsterdam

Since 2009 we are implementing a program of learning English language in one of the most unique countries in the world – the Netherlands! Coming summer we invite you to the Summer English learning program in the Netherlands, where you can significantly improve your language skills, as well as spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and meet lots of people from all over the world!

The next program will take place from mid July till mid August 2018!

If you are curious to see what our students have done during previous trips or want to ask a question related to the program, check our Facebook group

See you in the Netherlands!

Each person has his own strengths and weaknesses. Some people spend all their lives doing jobs based on their weaknesses. At the same time if you determine correctly what your strengths are and try to build your future career based on what you do well then success may await! That is one of the basics of becoming a Future Leader.

We invite Future Leaders to come to this training. It will help them to understand yourself better and to find out what you do the best. The training will allow each person to determine their own competitive advantages – and will also discover how to utilize your strengths.

Mini-MBA course is meant for people who want to gain the most important knowledge and learn skills that are needed for successful international career! The course let you learn about nowadays business tendencies, develop leadership skills, visit companies and build the network with professionals who might help you in your future career!

The course takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The main emphasis during the course is on European labor market with the case: labor market of the Netherlands. The course will be particularly interesting for those who are considering international career and moving to Europe.

Lean Six Sigma is the methodology which allows NGO’s to raise effectiveness of their organizations. The successful implementation of the Lean Six Sigma tools can allow an organization to produce more results with the same amount of resources.

Lean Six Sigma methodology is widely used by largest international companies which appreciate the value they can receive by implementing the set of relevant tools. We invite people who are interested in learning the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma to join our training which will take place in Amsterdam from 4th to 9th November, 2018.

Do you feel you’re not being effective with the work you do? You become tired too quickly? Would you like to develop your own effectiveness? And become more successful and productive in professional and personal life? Then we invite you to join our Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop which will take place from 23d to 28th September 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We invite young leaders who wish to contribute to their communities to join the workshop and learn more about youth entrepreneurship. Young leaders will be offered workshops to introduce them to various aspects of the topic with the special emphasis on how to move from theory to practice in the field of youth entrepreneurship. You will also learn how to realize your own potential as a young entrepreneur.

We invite students and young professionals to join the study trip to Amsterdam! This trip is for those who plan global international career and want to be ready to face the challenges that tomorrow brings! Study trip for students and young professionals in Amsterdam is a unique opportunity to get practical skills and knowledge that can greatly contribute to your professional and personal development. And moreover – it is a chance to spend 6 unforgettable days in one of the most amazing cities in the world – Amsterdam!

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