Our mission is to work with Cooperate bodies, and Institutions to create a just and sustainable world. We envision a world in which everyone can lead a prosperous and dignified life within the boundaries of the Earth's natural resources across boundaries with no limitations in ethnic, cultural, languages, and religion. We are dedicated to expanding the horizon of youth empowerment , diversity and equality utilizing non-formal education by means of voluntary services as a tool to global change.


AAD believes that a just and sustainable world will result when the unique skills and resources of all sectors—business, civil society, and government—are aligned toward that goal.

The role of corporate bodies and institutions are to create and deliver products and services in a way that treats people fairly, meets individuals’ needs and aspirations within the boundaries of our planet, and encourages market and policy frameworks that enable a sustainable future. AAD’s role is to catalyse change within business sector, cooperate social responsibility, community developmental program by integrating sustainability into strategy and operations, and to promote collaboration among companies and their stakeholders for systemic progress toward a just and sustainable world while recognising community development and giving back the societies across our borders.


AAD was established to makes land safe, freeing people from danger and fear. More than this, AAD’s core goal is working in some of the world’s poorest communities makes it possible for children to go to school in safety, gives better access to health services, and empowers people to make a better living and further landmine and risk education. Crucially, it enables other organisations to safely deliver humanitarian aid and development projects.

Working on strategies at creating a better future for achieving high environmental quality goals. One requirement is that the activity is environmentally positive. We introduce, educate about solar panels, solar cells and other environmental and climate solutions.

This programme aimed to address policy makers' poor understanding of the needs and views of the youths with different ethnic, religion background regarding drug issues. AAD try to explore their views and develop an understanding of how to work with young people from different background for community development.

EVS Programs

During an EVS, you live between 2 and 12 months in other European countries and work in a social, cultural or ecological project. You get to know another culture and you can see the world and yourself with different eyes, learn a new language, gain practical experience in the world of work, and above all - you have fun!


Long term Volunteers needed from UK to Finland. Travel, accommodation, and pocket money provided. Also support and guidance.


We have an EVS opportunity for:
9 months in Montessori school (côte bleue south of France).
We are looking for a motivated and passionate volunteer. The volunteer would have to enjoy spending time with kids; an experience in this field would be a plus. We are looking for an English native speaker.

One position available.
Contact us for more information.

Main Clients

Erasmus+ British Council Ecorys Eurad Green Pastures Africa at Heart Spectra Good Deeds Global Solenergi CMAC Universal Chaplain Corps & Rescue Mission IBA OECBTB Camintel